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Bonum Cultura Group

Strong Leadership.   Good Culture.   Better Results.


What we do.  Why we do it.

Leadership Transition Program

One of the most vulnerable times in the life of any organization is the season of leadership transition.  Even the most dedicated Boards and leaders often fail to plan everything needed to set a new leader, and the organization, up for an optimal outcome.  We are here to help facilitate a successful transition and to set your new leader, and the organization, up for the best possible future, speeding up the positive impact a new leader should bring.  

Leadership Coaching

Whether a new leader, an emerging leader, or a seasoned veteran, providing an experienced sounding board and mentor to a leader can be a way to amplify their development.  Our programs assist leaders in working through challenges to boost their confidence and take the effectiveness of their leadership to the next level.

Culture Assessment and Cultivation

The best processes and products in your industry won't sustain success and attract or retain the best talent without a healthy company culture.  We have ways to not only discover the reality of what the current state of your culture is, but cultivate it into the culture you want it to be.  In our competitive world, good culture wins, every time.

Team Building / Values-Based  Events 

Take your next corporate event or departmental team-builder to the next level with an activity that reinforces your unique company values or builds on an aspect or your culture that you want highlight.  Customized programing can be designed specifically for your event to give your team meaningful and memorable shared experiences to pull from when challenges arise and build the trust they need to function and WIN as a team.


Our founder and CEO, Christopher Blough, has over 20 years of high-level leadership experience himself, and has collected hundreds of shared leadership stories and experiences over a multitude of industries along the way. 

The tools and ideas used with our clients are both proven, and fresh - born new with each

organization we work with as we customize our methodology to match your unique culture, goals, and expectations.

Bonum Cultura is "Good Culture" in Latin - Good culture is the foundation of every successful business!



Bonum Cultura Group

1127 County Road 601

Ashland  Ohio  44805


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